Abuses Against Ogaden People in Ethiopia

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The citizens of Ethiopia face a ruthless and corrupt government that infringes upon their basic human rights. It is common for the government to drive families from their land and to massacre entire villages. The government has leased out Ethiopian land to foreign corporations, including businesses from China, India, and Saudia Arabia; this has been done without the approval of the country's citizens. In the Ogaden province, which is mainly made up of ethnic Somali Muslims, Chinese oil companies have encroached upon the land and depleted the oil and gas resources. As a result, thousands of Ogadenis have been displaced and now live in "Internally Displaced Persons" camps. Unfortunately, the camps are poorly equipped, with many suffering from extreme hunger. The Ethiopian Peoples' Defense Forces systematically persecute the Ogadenies and is often complicit in sexual abuse, violence, arbitrary arrests, and deportation.