Mock Funeral in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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International Human Rights day in 2012 was marked in a very interesting and ironic way - with a Mock Funeral in the 3 biggest cities of Bosnia-Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Banja Luka, and Mostar.) In BiH, human rights are violated, disrespected, inadequately treated and consequently, on the 10th of December 2012, symbolically buried. Studies sugget the BiH is one of the last countries on the scale of protecting human rights. Journalist Mirsad Behram, in his article for Radio Free Europe, wrote: ˝Politicians are guilty of human rights violations in the country, but the citizens have a responsibility as well. Thus the activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, decided on this radical burial of human rights in addition to that they 'de facto' don't exist, so deserve a formal farewell. The solution to the difficult situation of violation of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a process that other than raising awareness, needs fair and uncompromised legislation, adapting the law to citizens, and the adoption of new laws that would lead to positive social changes..."