Stand with human rights defenders in Vietnam

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Phai Lên Tiêng - Speak-Up Now Campaign (JAVN - France)

09 Nov 13:45
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Chien Dich Phai Len Tieng

08 Nov 22:48

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dem thap sang niem tin sydney 28102011.mpg

04 Nov 23:29
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Supporters gather for a vigil at Ky Dong Church to pray for the 15 religious advocates arrested

03 Nov 17:22

© 2011 VRNs

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Speak up now!

03 Nov 17:16

Campaign supporters in Southern California stage at a local supermarket to mobilize signatures asking elected officials to take part in a bi-partisan letter calling for the release of the youth activists.

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Vietnamese authorities crackdown on religious activists

03 Nov 17:13
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Candle light vigil for 15 detained activists in Sydney, Australia

03 Nov 15:53

Candle light vigil for the 15 detained catholic youths in Sydney, Australia - part of the International Week of Action

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Thumb_0 Thánh Lễ Cầu Nguyện Cho Công Lý Và Hòa Bình 30.10.2011

03 Nov 15:50
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Phải Lên Tiếng / Speak Up Now!

03 Nov 15:47
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